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  i first met confucius in a friend's living room, nearly 10 years ago. ok, so it wasn't really the bearded chinese philosopher. it was a collection of his most famous lines, printed and bound and resting on a coffee table. as i scanned the pages, a vision of the man began to form in my mind.
  it wasn't until last saturday, though, that i finally had a chance to put a name to the face-that of hong kong star chow yun-fat, who plays the sage in the new biopic confucius. i went to see the film knowing very little of confucius' personal story. i left wondering what i would have thought of the man if i really had met him in person.
  would i have been like the farmer in the film who kept on bundling grain when confucius and his disciples stopped and asked for directions? would i have been like the alluring consort (played by zhou xun) who requested a meeting with the sage only to test his human mettle? or would i have been one of the young men who left everything to follow him into the wilderness?
  i suppose it all depends on the historical accuracy of director hu mei's confucius.
  in the movie, we see a man who is all at once humble and wise and humorous and intelligent and disciplined and firm and clever. even when zhou's character all but throws herself on confucius, the philosopher walks away with barely a trace of desire on his face.
  if this is, indeed, the real man, meeting him would be, all at once, an incredibly exhilarating experience-and also a very depressing one. in the movie, confucius talks of changing oneself from within. this is certainly a noble goal. based upon my own experience, though, it is much easier said than done. for example, i cannot imagine walking away from the temptress without the assistance of a supernatural power-no matter how many of the sage's proverbs i had internalized.
  in this sense, i am more in awe of confucius than ever before. a person's words take on far more significance when he or she actually lives them out. if confucius really was the man that chow portrays, he was indeed one for the ages.
  still, though, i'm not quite sure i'd have given everything-family, livelihood, home-to sit at his feet day and night and live on horse-meat soup, as his followers do in the movie. for if chow's confucius has one flaw, it's that he abandons his wife and daughter in order to spread his philosophy throughout china.
  for me, this scene marks the saddest part of the movie. when the sage wrests himself out his wife's grip and the camera follows him into a rainstorm, we never hear from his family again. i suppose confucius did what, to him, was right -or, rather, what was best for the country. from my perspective, however, it was a decision made, at least in part, out of pride. it's certainly forgivable, but it's not one i would have made myself were i given the chance to follow him.

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